A Foot-mounted Pedestrian Navigation Module (IMU)

Simplifies Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) by transmitting step movement information over Bluetooth, when attached to foot of a walking person. Thus any development around it, does not require solving complex navigational equations. It’s sensor array approach, coupled with internal motion processing and simplified data interface, results in improved tracking accuracy, relaxes constraints on the integration platform and significantly reduces time-to-market.

Warehouse management, augmented reality, first responders' safety, gait analysis, geo-survey, robotics, indoor positioning, cognitive sciences etc are some of its applications. The technology has potential for a variety of indoor Location Based Services (LBS) and IoT applications based on foot-mounted inertial sensing and dead reckoning.

Compare MIMU22B9 with MIMU22BL

*The only difference between MIMU22B9P/MIMU22B9PX and MIMU22BTP/MIMU22BTPX is the IMU's model number. MIMU22B9P/MIMU22B9PX includes MPU-9250, whereas MIMU22BTP/MIMU22BTPX makes use MPU-9150. Firmware of MIMU22BTP/MIMU22BTPX is compatible with MIMU22B9P/MIMU22B9PX. Support material of MIMU22BTP/MIMU22BTPX can be referred for MIMU22B9P/MIMU22B9PX also.

Sample Results

Below estimated paths were obtained from MIMU22BTP / MIMU22BTPX / MIMU22B9P / MIMU22B9PX, without using any other navigational aid like GPS etc. Please read the white paper for detailed testing report.

Highlighting Features

  • Based on Multiple-IMUs (MIMU) & Sensor Array approach
  • Accuracy of 96% and higher; Compact in size
  • Simple PDR data interface; Easy to build supporting application
  • Bluetooth v3.0 and USB 2.0 data interface
  • Rechargeable battery; Battery backup:
    • MIMU22BTPX / MIMU22B9PX  : Five hours
    • MIMU22BTP / MIMU22B9P    : One and a half hour
  • Power ON-OFF switch; USB charging port; LED indicators
  • USB (Bootloader) programmable; JTAG programmable
  • Dimensions & Weight:
    • MIMU22BTPX / MIMU22B9PX  : 42.2 x 27.9 x 17.0 mm; 20gm
    • MIMU22BTP / MIMU22B9P    : 31.0 x 23.5 x 13.5 mm; 12gm

What we offer more

  • Basic calibration and field testing
  • Android application DaRe
  • Open source firmware, APIs and scripts
  • Application notes, manuals and tutorials
  • Tech support from the experts
  • USB bootloader cable (optional accessory)
  • JTAG programming cable (optional accessory)
  • Plastic fixtures for demo (optional accessory)
  • Customization services for bulk (optional)

The PDR System

The PDR system consisting of the foot sensor (IMU), The Osmium MIMU22BTP / MIMU22BTPX / MIMU22B9P / MIMU22B9PX, and the interfacing Android application DaRe. Data from on-board multiple IMUs are sampled, fused, calibration compensated and undergo navigational computation to produce displacement and orientation information. The MIMU22BTP / MIMU22BTPX / MIMU22B9P / MIMU22B9PX transmits requested data in response to an appropriate command from DaRe. DaRe constructs tracked path using stepwise PDR data from the MIMU22BTP / MIMU22BTPX / MIMU22B9P / MIMU22B9PX.


The IMU-array along with the motion-processing-inside approach not only improves accuracy, but also simplifies PDR data transmission. The PDR data, i.e. displacement and heading change, is transmitted at every step in a very simple format. Data transmission frequency matches with the step frequency which is typically 1 Hz for normal walk. Thus the low rate PDR data (typically few tens of bytes per second) reduces chances of transmission losses as well. The PDR data also removes computation burden from the application platform. The modular approach relaxes constraints on the integration platform, lets application engineer focus on incremental development and significantly reduces time-to-market. Please go through the short informative video under the title "Pedestrian Dead Reckoning with Foot Sensors" in Blog section."

Long-term Performance Evaluation

Test results are presented for the Osmium MIMU22BTP. Testing was spanned over 10 months, covering more than 150 km of tracked distance with more than 20 units of MIMU22BTP and was performed with factors (mounting schemes, type of shoes, wearers etc) which could potentially influence tracking performance.

Testing demonstrates that the Osmium MIMU22BTP is a high performance and easy-to-use foot mounted pedestrian navigation sensor.

For further details, please visit Blog section to read article titled "Foot Sensors for Indoor LBS and IoT Applications".


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