Shoe-Mounted PDR SensorMIMU22B9MIMU22BL
Core Features
Pedestrian Dead ReckoningYesYes
Positioning TechnologyInertial SensingInertial Sensing
Multi-IMU (MIMU) ApproachYesYes
Bluetooth AvailabilityYesYes
Bluetooth Version3.04.1
USB for Data XmisisonYesYes
Li-ion Battery OperabilityYesYes
On-board Battery ChargingYesYes
3-axis Magnetometer AvailabilityUnusedUsed as Compass
Pressure Sensor AvailabilityUnusedFused for height
Remote Battery MonitoringNoYes
Reset Switch AvailabilityNoYes
Power & Battery Charging LED IndicationYesYes
General Purpose LEDs12
GPIO Pins AccessibilityNoYes
Communication Interface AvailabilityYesYes
Sensors Sampling Rate (Max, Hz)1000250
Possibility of Using as Wireless IMUYes, 6-axisYes, 9-axis
Peak Current (mA)10064
Dimensions (mm x mm x mm)20.9x22.7x5.520.9x22.7x5.0
Weight (gm)3.53.5
Controller ProgrammabilityYesYes
Bluetooth ProgrammabilityNoYes
JTAG Cable RequirementCustomizedSimple Connector
Possibility of Programming over USBYesYes
USB Cable for ProgrammingCustomizedGeneric
S/W Development Kit - SDK  
Opensource Python APIsNoYes
Opensource Android APIsYesYes
Opensource Python Calibration ScriptNoYes
Android App (Freely Downloadable)DaReDaReX
Communication Interface  
Enabling/Disabling Selected IMUsYesYes
Programming Acceleration Due to Gravity (g)YesYes
Programming Calibration ParametersYesYes
Selecting Accelerometers' & Gyroscopes' scaleYesYes
Reading Device ID and Firmware VersionYesYes
Accesing Fused and Individual Sensors DataYesYes
Accessing Internal Parameters like QuarternionYesYes
Accessory Availability  
Calibration deviceYesYes
JTAG CableYesNot Required
USB Bootloader CableYesNot Required
General Purpose Extension BoardNot RequiredYes
Android ApplicationDaReDaReX
Battery Status Monitoring in RealtimeNoYes
Logfile CreationYesYes
Pedestrian Dead Reckoning / Tracking  
      Realtime Graphical Display of TrackYesYes
      Tracking With Path Overlaid on Map ImageYesYes
      Tracking With Path Overlaid on Google MapNoYes
      Option of Using Sensor's CompassNoYes
      Option of Using Android Device's CompassYesYes
Geo Survey  
      Tagging Path With Text & ImageYesYes
      Option of saving and reloading sessionYesYes
      Option of continuing same track after a breakYesYes
Gait Analysis  
      Stride Length & FrequencyYesYes
      Step CountYesYes
Advanced Options  
      Applying Calibration ParametersNoYes
      Acceleration Due to Gravity 'g' SettingNoYes
      Accelero & Gyro Scale Setting NoYes
      Selecting/Deselecting IMUsYesYes
      Calibrating Sensor's CompassNoYes