Osmium MIMU22B9 / MIMU22BT*

A Precision Wearable Motion Sensor Platform (IMU)

An IMU-array based Precision Wearable Motion Sensor Platform (IMU) - The Osmium MIMU22B9 / MIMU22BT - comes pre-loaded with an open-source foot-mounted pedestrian navigation utility. Being one of the thinnest IMU in the market, it is suitable for applications with space constraints, e.g. wearable motion sensing. It can also be used as normal wireless IMU, thanks to the on-board Bluetooth. Presence of on-board floating point processing capability, along with four IMUs array, makes sensor fusion and motion processing possible within the module itself, which in turn results in very accurate motion sensing.

Compare MIMU22B9 with MIMU22BL

*The only difference between MIMU22B9 and MIMU22BT is the IMU's model number. MIMU22BT includes MPU-9150, whereas MIMU22B9 makes use MPU-9250. Firmware of MIMU22B9 is compatible with MIMU22BT. MIMU22BT's support material can be referred for MIMU22B9 also. MIMU22BT has been discontinued.

Highlighting Features

  • 4 nine-axis IMU array (Accelero+Gyro+Magnetometers*)
  • IMUs’ placement and orientation to minimize systematic errors
  • Bluetooth v3.0 and USB 2.0 data interfaces
  • Floating point controller AT32UC3C with 512 Kb internal flash
  • Pressure Sensor LPS331AP*, 8 Mb DataFlash memory*
  • Power with Li-ion battery, USB; Battery charging with USB
  • ON-OFF switch, LED indicators; Max current: 100mA
  • USB (Bootloader) programmable; JTAG programmable
  • Single board; No protruding connector; Low profile
  • Dimensions - 20.9 x 22.7 x 5.5 mm; Weight - 3.5 g
*As of now, software support for magnetometer, DataFlash memory and pressure sensor is not available.

Supporting Softwares

  • Open source embedded C code
  • S/w I2C buses to access IMUs simultaneously
  • Sensor fusion and calibration compensation
  • ZUPT based inertial navigation
  • Command based data interface
  • Access to intermediate variables
  • Easy to modify, highly modular s/w design
  • Open source APIs for PC

Functional Diagram


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