The Osmium Series

The Osmium MIMU Series is the family of IMU array systems with enhanced motion sensing performance, reliability and integrity at affordable prices as opposed to the conventional single sensor systems. Our technology enables data fusion from multiple inertial sensors to bring down the independent stochastic errors, reduces dependency on calibration process and hence results in robust & improved overall performance.

What is so Special

MIMU Technology

The Multi-IMU (MIMU) array enables sensor fusion which brings down the stochastic errors and improves motion sensing performance.

Motion Processing Inside

Onboard 32-bits floating point micro-controller enables complex navigational computating inside the sensor, thus enabling higher sampling rates.

Simplified PDR Interface

Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) is made simplified by transmitting footsteps' displacement and change in orientation at every step, over wireless.

Shoe-mounted PDR Sensors (IMUs)

The Osmium MIMU22BL / MIMU22B9

A Precision Wearable IMU

is a precision wearable motion sensor, an IMU array platform and also a normal wireless IMU. Thinnest of its kind with densely packed features, it comes pre-programmed as a shoe-mounted pedestrian navigation sensor and also as a normal IMU. It is pre-calibrated and best utilized as a rapid prototyping and development platform.

The Osmium MIMU22BLP(X) / MIMU22B9P(X)

A Foot-mounted Pedestrian Navigation Sensor (IMUs)

is an IMU to simplify Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR). It enables superior tracking performance, offers ease of building applications and allows use of a simple interfacing application platform (like Android based phone) for infra-free tracking. It is utilized best for rapid prototyping and development of pedestrian navigation solutions.

Massive Inertial Sensors Array

The Osmium MIMU4844 / MIMU4492

A Massive IMU Array Platform

and also a precision IMU. It is best utilized for very high precision motion sensing at very affordable cost, by implementing Sensor Fusion and Array Signal Processing algorithms. It is pre-calibrated and comes pre-programmed as a shoe-mounted pedestrian navigation sensor and also precision IMU. It requires min. calibration efforts, thanks to redundant sensors.

The Osmium MIMU48XC / MIMU4X9C

A Massive Inertial Sensor Array Module

When used with extension board BMBT4444, is capable of storing data in micro SD card, operating on battery power and most importantly, wireless communication. This is in addition to all the features of MIMU4844 / MIMU4492. Thus it becomes a battery operable wireless massive IMU-array platform. A great platform for your Sensor Fusion and Array Signal Processing implementation needs!


Android Application


PDR App for MIMU22B9(P/X)

performs PDR when used with the foot-mounted sensor Osmium MIMU22B9P / MIMU22B9PX. Click here for free installation from Google Play Store


Advanced PDR App for MIMU22BL(P/X)

performs advanced PDR and offers flexibility of altering sensor's settings, when used with Osmium MIMU22BLP / MIMU22BLPX. Free installation from Google Play Store.


USB Bootloader Cable (Common)

A modified USB cable for programming MIMU22B9(P/X) / MIMU48XC without additional JTAG hardware (cable & programmer).

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JTAG Cable (for foot sensors)

The JTAG programming cable is customized for MIMU22B9 / MIMU22B9P / MIMU22B9PX and is compatible with AVR Dragon JTAG programmer.

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Elastic Shoe-mount (for foot sensors)

Enables easy attachment of MIMU22BLPX / MIMU22BTPX with shoe. Adjustable size. One spare front strap. Recommended for quick demonstration.

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JTAG Cable (for Massive Sensor Arrays)

The JTAG programming cable is customized for MIMU4844 / MIMU48XC / MIMU4492 / MIMU4X9C and is compatible with AVR Dragon JTAG programmer.

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BMBT4444 (for MIMU48XC / MIMU4X9C)

An extension module for MIMU48XC / MIMU4X9C to add wireless data transmission, on-board data storage and battery operability features.

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Calibration Device (Common)

The 20-faced polyhedron for MIMU22BL(P/X) / MIMU22B9(P/X) / MIMU4844 / MIMU48XC / MIMU4492 / MIMU4X9C to perform static calibration.

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